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HUD Code Home Shipments are Up!

January 2012 was quite a promising month and shipments were up 42.1 percent from January 2011.  The manufactured home shipments for January 2012 were 3,945 new homes.  This increase was not just only single-section but multisection homes as well.  The single-section homes however were the biggest success with shipments up 53.1 percent compared to January 2011.

The seasonally adjusted rates (*SAAR) of shipments was 61,802 in January 2012 which is up from 6.0 percent from December 2011 of 58,299.  Also the total floor shipments for January 2012 were up 38.3 percent from January 2011.

If you would like to access this report please check it out here.



*SAAR corrects for the normal seasonal variations in shipments and projects annual shipments based on the current monthly total.

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