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Breakfast Briefings and Certification Courses!

Breakfast meetings are coming to your area soon.  The most immediate one coming up will be on March 6th, 2013 at the Sky Harbor Community Center in Cheektowaga, NY.  Here you will be able to meet, receive valuable information and network!

At this particular breakfast, members will have the opportunity to learn about the new Federal and State Regulations.  The legislation could have a negative impact our industry so we need to stay informed.  There will be NYS Building Code Division representatives discussing new codes and what codes have been updated.  Financial information will also be discussed.

Registration and breakfast begins at 8:30am and the meeting follows from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  The registration fee is $30.00 per person and is nonrefundable.  The registration form can be found here.

If Cheektowaga is not local enough for you, there are other meetings!  On April 3rd there will be a meeting in Riverhead and on May 15th one will be held in Rochester.

Another convenience for members is that certification courses has been scheduled in conjunction with the regional meetings.  A Continuing Education Course will be held the same day as the meeting.  Other courses will be held the following day.  Here is information on those courses and more can be found on the NY Housing website.  You may also contact at the Association Office for more information.

3-Hour Continuing Education Courses

  • March 6 Buffalo: Sky Harbor Community Center
  • April 3 Riverhead: Glenwood Village
  • May 15 Rochester: Harper Park

3-Hour 21B Introductory Course and 6-Hour Mechanics Certification Course

  • March 7  in Buffalo, NY: Sky Harbor Community Center
  • April 4 Riverhead: Glenwood Village
  • May 16 Rochester: Harper Park

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