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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a FREE statistical service offered by Google. The service offers a way for companies to track and analyze the traffic on their website. Google Analytics not only tracks your website but it can also track your social media sites like Facebook or WordPress (Blog). Since our customers are now online more than ever it will help give you a clear picture of where they are located and what their needs are. For more information – http://www.google.com/analytics/

“Once you know how well your latest promotion is converting, it’s time to act. Start testing! From marketing plans and ad keywords to the photo on your front page, Google Analytics is built to help you compare different approaches and see which performs best. Make changes, re-measure, and test some more. That’s the smartest way to make the most of your business and meet your performance goals.”

Below is an example of what the dashboard would look like when you login. The user will be able to easily see how many visits your website is getting, the average time on your website and where in your state the visits are coming from. For example if I were to click on the state of the United States and then Maine it would show me the top 10 towns where people are visiting my website.


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