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7 ways you don’t want to enable buyers to abuse you

Fred Ashforth, sales coordinator at Titan Homes, found this article and was sharing it with his co-workers. The article was then brought to my attention by my sales rep, Ron Major, at our Open House last weekend.  I discussed it with my team this morning at my sales meeting. I thought I would share it with all of you! Have a great weekend!

From Close the Deal: Smart Moves for Selling by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman©2000


  1. Don’t give buyers free consulting.

Yes, buys should get all the information they need to make an informed buying decision. They shouldn’t, however, “pick your brain” or let you serve as an unpaid consultant. You can help buyers discover that you can help them solve their problem. Don’t show them how until they become customers.


  1. Don’t prepare detailed, costly proposals without assurance that the proposal will receive serious consideration.

Buyers should receive a written proposal if they ask for one. Some buyers ask for one after a decision has been made, just to get multiple bids. Don’t play the game. Get a guarantee that the proposal will be reviewed fairly.


  1. Don’t allow you and your proposal to travel up and down the buyer’s organizational hierarchy.

In your up-front contract, clarify the buyer’s decision-making process. Get an agreement that each presentation you make will be followed by a mutually agreed upon action by the buyer. Stick to your position.


  1. Don’t tolerate open-ended indecisiveness.

If buyers think you’ll hang around indefinitely, they are in no hurry to make a decision. Extract an up-front agreement on some length of the buying cycle. If time starts to drag, impose the limit.


  1. Don’t let your products or services be demeaned.

Some buyers will minimize what you do and what you sell. If you allow that to pass without a challenge, you’re reinforcing the notion that you’re just another salesperson with a product no better than anyone else’s. If you don’t show respect for your product, and company, who will?


  1. Don’t let your company or coworkers be demeaned.

Be open and candid in accepting responsibility for past failures. At the same time stand up for the integrity, competence and commitment of your team. Buyers who demean your people to your face are saying even more to others behind your back. Be sure they have the facts about any situation s they claim to have knowledge of. Defend the honor of the good people who work in your company. Your loyalty will not be lost on buyers.


  1. Don’t enable buyers to put you in ethical or legal dilemmas.

Should you bend over backwards to get a sale? Certainly. Should you marshal all the resources at your disposal to make the buyer happy? You bet. But don’t ever let that mean that you compromise your integrity or sell your soul.


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The Truth in Lending Act

TILABeginning on June 1st, 2013, The Truth in Lending Act or TILA ban on mandatory arbitration provisions in certain mortgage loans became effective.  This has effected applications received on or after the June 1st deadline.

Under this ban, lenders using the loan documentation that contains such requirements will be required to remove them for loans covered.

Now make sure you note that this bans does implement a provision of the Dodd-Frank Act.  The provision bans “terms that require arbitration or any other non-judicial procedure to resolve any controversy or settle any claims arising out of the transaction.”

Lenders using loan documentation that contains such requirements will be required to remove them for loans covered under the ban. The ban implements a provision of the Dodd-Frank Act that bans “terms that require arbitration or any other non-judicial procedure to resolve any controversy or settle any claims arising out of the transaction.”

There is more detailed information here about the regulations, Regulation Z, and additional links for more resources on this news.

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West Virginia Housing Institute Inc.’s 2013 Convention

There is an interesting opportunity on the horizon — a housing convention in West Virginia!  The West Virginia Housing Institute Inc.’s 2013 convention will be held at the Stonewall Resort in North Central West Virginia from the 24 – 26 in June.  

Co-Presidents, Kevin Wilfong and George Gunnell, invite you to attend this convention that has said to have an exceptional line up.  The line up for this year’s convention includes:

  • Tim Williams who is the head of 21st Mortgage Corp., and he will be presenting on industry financing
  • G. Kent “GK” Magelson who is with the American Society of Asset Protection in Las Vegas will be sharing how to reduce your taxes and help to avoid lawsuits
  • There will also be housing professionals on hand including legal panel of general counsel – John Teare, board member – Johnnie Brown, expert from Huntington – Jason Stemple, Chief Regulator – Mitch Woodrum, President of West Virginia Coal Association – Bill Raney and an official from Champion Homes.

There will be a second-evening banquet, political action funding raising auction and the statewide meeting.  There is a lot packed into these days but don’t forget to attend the sponsored breakfast on June 26th!

Don’t forget about the recreational fun you get to enjoy while at the Stonewall Resort.  Take a stroll down the trails near the lake and park or how about a two-hour lake cruise with legal beverages and heavy snacks.  You could attend the Phil Fogleman’s special wine-tasting program or play a round of golf at the Arnold Palmer-designed course.

Join this convention in June and fill out this registration form.  Please don’t forget to call the Stonewall to make your reservations.

**Note — the rooms are limited at this location so reserving a room is strongly suggested as soon as you know you will be attending.  Call today 304.269.7400 or 1.888.278.8150.There has been a negotiated rate of $149.18/night.

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MHI – Monthly Economic Report July 2012

The numbers have been out for only a little while about the month of July.  Good news is that HUD homes that were shipped were up 14.6% from July 2011!

4,217 new manufactured homes were shipped in July 2012.  The increases were all over including shipments of single-section and multi-section homes (in comparison to the same month in 2011).

So far in each month of 2012 there has been an increase of homes shipped in comparison to 2011.  The first 7 months of 2012 the shipments have totaled 31,931.  In 2011 (during the same time period) home shipments were only 26,828.  This has been a net increase of 19.0% for 2012.

Floor shipments were up 12.4% from July 2011 with a total of 6,506 floors shipped.  The *SAAR of shipments totaled 51,479 in July 2012 and was up 0.9% from June of 2012 which had the rate of 50,997.  The number of plants reporting production has not fluctuated from last month.

Click here to access the July 2012 report.

To view the report, you will need to log in after you click on this link. If you don’t already have a user name and password, you can obtain this by clicking on “Member Log-in” and then “Sign up Member Only Access.” Complete the fields and you will be provided a user name and can choose your own password. All employees of member companies are encouraged to create their own log-in in order to access valuable content available only to our members. If you have any questions on this, please contact Cheryl Langley at cheryl@mfghome.org.


*The SAAR corrects for normal seasonal variations in shipments and projects annual shipments based on the current monthly total.

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Modular Homes…Green Homes?

A lot of people are becoming increasingly concerned about their futures, and therefore are living greener more and more often these days.  Have you done anything in the past few years to make your life a little greener?  How about purchase a a more energy-efficient refrigerator or a water-conserving hot water tank?  But have you purchased a modular home recently because some experts consider it a greener alternative to a “stick built” home?

Modular home construction made up approximately five percent of new home construction in 2010.  Some experts say that modular homes make sense for a sustainable lifestyle.  The prefabricated homes “are inherently more sustainable than their site-built counterparts.  Because modular construction facilities typically use leftover resources for other purposes, the homes cost five percent to twenty percent less then the comparable.”

The Modular home companies therefore use those savings to pass onto energy-saving and water-conserving products for the home.  There are also many additional sustainable features to a modular home (if requested) including bamboo flooring, low-flow faucets and energy-efficient heating and cooling units.  The size of the home (modulars have an overall tendency to be smaller then their “stick-built” comparison homes) which is a fantastic selling feature of any green home.

So Modular = Greener….what do you think?

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NMHC’s Quarterly Modular Housing Report©

The fourth quarter of 2011 Modular Housing Report is out!  You will be able to access the report here.  There are a few highlights we would like to share with you below:

NMHC or the National Modular Housing Council’s report indicates actual shipments of 3,030 new modular homes that were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2011.  This is an increase of 7.9 percent from (the same quarter) in 2010.

2011’s fourth quarter in comparison to that of 2010 the following information is as follows:

  • Increases for 11 states
  • Reductions in 11 states
  • No significant changes in 7 states
*Defined as less than or equal to ±5 shipments


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NMHC’s Quarterly Modular Housing Report – 3rd Quarter of 2011

NMHC or the National Modular Housing Council’s 3rd quarter’s report is out everyone!   3,544 new modular homes were shipped in the third quarter of this year.  Those results are down 2.0% from the same quarter of the preceding year (2010).

However, in comparison with quarter three in 2010 to quarter three 2011, state shipments show an increase in six different states.  There were reductions in 18 states and five states that had no change in shipments.

If you would like to review the full report, please click here.

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It’s time to Save-The-Date!

Even though April 2012 does sound very far away, it will be here before you know it, so save-the-date now April 10th – 12th, 2012!  Join everyone at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to gain the knowledge and resources to shine in today’s housing market.  This national show will consider the following topics and more:

  • What will the next decade bring for housing in America?
  • How will the U.S. housing marketing be affected by demographic trends?
  • Where will the Millennials call home?
  • What housing choices will seniors make going forward?
  • How can factory built housing gain market share?

Please feel free to visit Congress & Expo website for more information and here is the schedule.

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