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MHI National Industry Awards

Click here to go to the MHI website for more information.

Here are the following awards categories:

  • Land-Lease Community of the Year (includes four regions of the country)
  • Retail Sales Center of the Year (includes four regions of the country)
  • Design Awards for Manufactured and Modular Housing – includes production home award categories by square footage and a Small Home Award
  • Manufactured or Modular Home Interior Design/Home Merchandising – includes two categories – Manufactured or Modular Home Interior Design (located at a Retail Sale Center, a model home in a land-lease community, or an interior design by a manufacturer) and Land-Lease Community Clubhouse Interior Design (New Construction or Renovation)


Step 1 – Register on the site

To enter an awards category, you must register in the online awards system by clicking on the ‘Register’ link on the top of the page.  If you have already registered on the site, please login to manage your entry information.

Step 2 – Submit your entries.

You can submit multiple entries, upload all required entry materials for judging, and pay your entry fees through this online awards system.  The deadline for entries, fees and materials is March 24, 2017.

Award winners will be notifed by April 19, 2017.

Awards will be presented at the 2017 National Industry Awards Luncheon on May 3, 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2017 National Congress & Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing.  For more information on the 2017 National Congress & Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing being held on May 2-4, 2017 at Caesars Palace please visit www.congressandexpo.com.


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Why is the Manufactured Housing Industry Great?

I wanted to give you all a brief synopsis of a great piece that I recently read.  The piece was written by Thayer Long who was the former President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Institute.

One of my favorite statements he made was, “Since 1989, manufactured housing industry has accounted for 21% of all new homes sold.  Citizens can realize the American Dream of owning their own home at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality or the level of amenities they desire” (Long, 2011).  What a beautiful way to capture the manufactured housing industry in just two sentences.

Three more subsections of the piece really capture the focus of the industry as a whole.  I chose the statements that best capture the sections.  If you would to read the piece in its entirety click here.

1) We are thinking about the customer

“Customers are what make factories operate, they keep sales centers open, and communities occupied.  We have done a good job in building homes and creating lifestyles and value to keep customers satisfied and coming back. Satisfied and happy customers are the best way to build a good “national” image” (Long, 2011).

2) We are learning from the past

“I believe the industry has done a very good job in advancing new methods and technologies to build our homes, and has been very disciplined in not returning to a system of lending that puts customers in difficult situations” (Long, 2011).

3) We are embracing change

“The industry has undergone rapid transformation in the past few years to rise to the challenges of a tougher economy, and industry members are always changing how they do business to increase their value proposition. The partnerships that are being forged by different business units in these difficult times are a testament to the resolve members have to
survive” (Long, 2011).

Overall, this is a great article that captures the present look and feel to the manufactured housing industry.

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Weather Radio Legislation

Legislation was approved by the House Financial Services Committee that would require all new manufactured homes to be equipped with NOAA weather radios.  The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has stated, “if Congress is to mandate the installation of weather radios they should be required of all form of housing and not just manufactured homes.”

Now this measure is forecasted to “come up for floor consideration under suspension of the rules (a tool to provide swift floor consideration of bills and are typically passed by unanimous consent decree) in September.”

MHI is conducting outreach to Rep. Bachus (the representative who sponsored the weather radio legislation) and his senior staff to revise the bill.  The weather radio legislation also competes with existing warning notification system (WARN Act) that is scheduled to be active in April of 2012.  The WARN Act will provide owners of hand-held wireless devices with emergency notifications.

For more information on the legislation on weather radios click here.

For more information on the committee report on the weather radio legislation click here.

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