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Modular Homes…Green Homes?

A lot of people are becoming increasingly concerned about their futures, and therefore are living greener more and more often these days.  Have you done anything in the past few years to make your life a little greener?  How about purchase a a more energy-efficient refrigerator or a water-conserving hot water tank?  But have you purchased a modular home recently because some experts consider it a greener alternative to a “stick built” home?

Modular home construction made up approximately five percent of new home construction in 2010.  Some experts say that modular homes make sense for a sustainable lifestyle.  The prefabricated homes “are inherently more sustainable than their site-built counterparts.  Because modular construction facilities typically use leftover resources for other purposes, the homes cost five percent to twenty percent less then the comparable.”

The Modular home companies therefore use those savings to pass onto energy-saving and water-conserving products for the home.  There are also many additional sustainable features to a modular home (if requested) including bamboo flooring, low-flow faucets and energy-efficient heating and cooling units.  The size of the home (modulars have an overall tendency to be smaller then their “stick-built” comparison homes) which is a fantastic selling feature of any green home.

So Modular = Greener….what do you think?

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