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In a recent article Ken Reinard of Professional Building Systems gave his take on the new growth being seen in the manufactured housing industry, and more specifically, Modulars.  Reinard said that over the past five years he has struggled to keep full employment for PBS’s work force and that the opening of a sister plant specializing in multi-family housing is what helped keep PBS floating during the over half decade of debacle left behind from the housing meltdown.  Reinard said that he is seeing people buying single family homes again, and this is apparent in PBS’s need to begin hiring fulltime positions for their single family plant.

Growth in the manufactured housing market is in large part due to a better economic position for most middle class Americans and to more favorable lending terms.  Further growth in Modulars is due to its own specific reasons, being the age of consumption for millennials, consumer education, and affordability.  While Singlewide and Doublewide consumers still consist of the same two groups of people that they always have, young people of low income and elderly people of fixed income, Modulars are beginning to break into new groups of consumers.

Thanks to increased affordability consumers who traditionally were looking into higher end double-wides are now breaking into the Modular scene and thanks to strategic marketing and consumer education, people who had the funds to buy an existing home or hire someone to site build are heading toward Modulars because they understand that they are getting similar and often better quality in a Modular but for 20%-30% less in costs.  All things considered the entire manufactured housing industry is seeing a period of growth, but Modulars are growing at an increased rate because they have been able to pull would-be site built and Doublewide customers away from those options.

How are you positioning yourself in the Modular home market?

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Website & Social Media Presence

Having a strong internet and social media presence is more important for companies now than it has ever been before. According to the International Telecommunication Union, 81% of consumers in the United States have access to the internet.  This figure has doubled since the early 2000s. Below are three helpful tips to ensure your company has a strong internet presence.

1.  Keeping your website easy & simple – Today’s consumers are very impatient when shopping and researching products online. Make sure your home, inventory and contact information have clearly labeled links that are easy to find.  Consumers may be overwhelmed if too much information is displayed on the page, keep it simple and organized.  It may be a good idea to invest in a web designer who will create a user friendly website for you. If a customer cannot quickly find what they are looking for they will get frustrated and leave your website.

2.  Upload pictures – A majority of consumers now prefer to shop and research future purchases online. Providing pictures of your products on your website allows consumers to view your current inventory without travelling to your retail location. A consumer that lives far away may consider visiting your retail location after seeing your inventory online. To ensure your website loads quickly use medium to small size images.

3.  Facebook marketing – A Facebook page is an easy way to inform consumers of your everyday operations. Facebook is a great way to provide customers with up to date information about your product line. According to Pew Internet, 67% of all internet users are active on Facebook. Comments, likes and posts are quick and easy ways to interact with consumers.  Facebook is great way to generate traffic to your website and it is free.

 January’s blog post will be about Google Analytics which is how you can analyze the traffic on your site! 

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