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7 ways you don’t want to enable buyers to abuse you

Fred Ashforth, sales coordinator at Titan Homes, found this article and was sharing it with his co-workers. The article was then brought to my attention by my sales rep, Ron Major, at our Open House last weekend.  I discussed it with my team this morning at my sales meeting. I thought I would share it with all of you! Have a great weekend!

From Close the Deal: Smart Moves for Selling by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman©2000


  1. Don’t give buyers free consulting.

Yes, buys should get all the information they need to make an informed buying decision. They shouldn’t, however, “pick your brain” or let you serve as an unpaid consultant. You can help buyers discover that you can help them solve their problem. Don’t show them how until they become customers.


  1. Don’t prepare detailed, costly proposals without assurance that the proposal will receive serious consideration.

Buyers should receive a written proposal if they ask for one. Some buyers ask for one after a decision has been made, just to get multiple bids. Don’t play the game. Get a guarantee that the proposal will be reviewed fairly.


  1. Don’t allow you and your proposal to travel up and down the buyer’s organizational hierarchy.

In your up-front contract, clarify the buyer’s decision-making process. Get an agreement that each presentation you make will be followed by a mutually agreed upon action by the buyer. Stick to your position.


  1. Don’t tolerate open-ended indecisiveness.

If buyers think you’ll hang around indefinitely, they are in no hurry to make a decision. Extract an up-front agreement on some length of the buying cycle. If time starts to drag, impose the limit.


  1. Don’t let your products or services be demeaned.

Some buyers will minimize what you do and what you sell. If you allow that to pass without a challenge, you’re reinforcing the notion that you’re just another salesperson with a product no better than anyone else’s. If you don’t show respect for your product, and company, who will?


  1. Don’t let your company or coworkers be demeaned.

Be open and candid in accepting responsibility for past failures. At the same time stand up for the integrity, competence and commitment of your team. Buyers who demean your people to your face are saying even more to others behind your back. Be sure they have the facts about any situation s they claim to have knowledge of. Defend the honor of the good people who work in your company. Your loyalty will not be lost on buyers.


  1. Don’t enable buyers to put you in ethical or legal dilemmas.

Should you bend over backwards to get a sale? Certainly. Should you marshal all the resources at your disposal to make the buyer happy? You bet. But don’t ever let that mean that you compromise your integrity or sell your soul.


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February 2014 HUD-code Home Shipments

The report has been released for February 2014 new manufactured home sales. 4,359 new manufactured homes were shipped in February 2014 which is up 5.9 percent from February 2013.  The total floors that were shipped were 6,706 which was an increase of 7.9 percent in comparison to February 2013.

The SAAR or seasonally adjusted annual rate of shipments was 61,881 in February 2014.  These numbers are down 2.5 percent from the adjusted rate of 63,457 in January 2014.

The number of plants that are reporting production in February 2014 was 123, and the number of active corporations was 46, both unchanged from the number in January 2014.

*The SAAR corrects for normal seasonal variations in shipments and projects annual shipments based on the current monthly total.

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2014 National Industry Awards

The 2014 National Industry Awards were presented to the recipients at an awards luncheon on April 30th at the National Congress & Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing. 

“These award winners are leading the way in providing outstanding products, value, customer service, creative solutions and state of the art homes that today’s homebuyers desire. They are being recognized today for their leadership, vision and dedication in enhancing and moving the manufactured and modular housing industries forward,” said MHI President & CEO Richard Jennison.

(Northeast/Mid-Atlantic) – The Fairways at Mays Landing, Mays Landing, NJ
(South) – Schalamar Creek Golf & Country Club, Lakeland, FL
(Midwest) – WeatherStone Village, Kalamazoo, MI
(West) – Prairie Greens, Frederick, CO

(Northeast/Mid-Atlantic) – Oakwood Homes, Glen Allen, VA
(South) – Synergy Homes, Statesville, NC
(Midwest) – Clayton Homes, Georgetown, KY
(West) – Advantage Homes, San Jose, CA

Manufactured Home Design
-New Single-Section Manufactured Home Design (Production) – Cavco/Durango “Superstition Views”
-New Manufactured Home Design – 1800 SF or Less (Production) – CMH Manufacturing, Sacramento “Balboa Island 2440 Jade”
-New Manufactured Home Design – Over 1800 SF (Production) – CMH Manufacturing, Sacramento “Balboa Island 3005 Sapphire”
-New Single Section Manufactured Housing Design (Concept) – Fleetwood Homes, Inc. “Eagle 18662R”

Modular Design
-New Modular Home Design – 2200 SF or Less (Production) – R-Anell Housing Group, LLC “Extreme Value Series Model 850 – Wrap Porch”
-New Modular Home Design – Over 2200 SF (Production) – CMH Manufacturing, Sacramento “Gray’s Crossing”
-New Modular Multifamily or Duplex Design (Production) – Clayton Commercial Buildings “Hempstead Lofts”
-New Modular Home Design – 2200 SF or Less (Concept) – CMH Manufacturing, Sacramento “The Palo Alto”
-New Modular Home Design – Over 2200 SF (Concept) – CMH Manufacturing, Sacramento “New Vine Homes”
-New Manufactured Home Design – 1800 SF or Less (Concept) – CMH Manufacturing, Sacramento “Hedgehouse”
-New Manufactured Home Design – Over 1800 SF (Concept) – Fleetwood Homes, Inc. “Metropolitan 30603M”


Manufacturer of the Year – Cavco Industries, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
National Lender of the Year – 21st Mortgage Corporation, Knoxville, TN
Regional Lender of the Year – CU Factory Built Lending, San Antonio, TX
Floor Plan Lender of the Year – 21st Mortgage Corporation, Knoxville, TN
Manufactured Home Community Operator of the Year – YES! Communities, Denver, CO
Manufactured Home Community Lender of the Year – Wells Fargo Multifamily Capital, Carlsbad, CA
Manufactured Home Community Broker of the Year – ARA National MHC Group, Denver, CO
Supplier of the Year – Style Crest, Inc., Fremont, OH

For information about entering the 2015 National Industry Awards competition or about this year’s awards, contact Cheryl Berard at 703-558-0668 or via e-mail at cheryl@mfghome.org.



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2014 National Congress & Expo for Manufactured & Modular Housing

The 2014 Congress & Expo will be held on April 29 – May 1, 2014 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Exhibitors include mortgage lenders, insurance services, and appraisal services. Don’t miss out on seeing 21st Mortgage, Champion Home Builders, Clayton Homes, CU Factory Built Lending, GE Capital Real Estate, Keystone Commercial Capital, Triad Financial Services, U.S Bank and Wells Fargo. Attendees will be able to partake in top quality educational programs, networking events and listen to keynote speakers.    Attendees also won’t want to miss the highly acclaimed annual NCC Spring Forum presented by the MHI National Communities Council.  Click here to register!

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