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Weather Radio Legislation

Legislation was approved by the House Financial Services Committee that would require all new manufactured homes to be equipped with NOAA weather radios.  The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has stated, “if Congress is to mandate the installation of weather radios they should be required of all form of housing and not just manufactured homes.”

Now this measure is forecasted to “come up for floor consideration under suspension of the rules (a tool to provide swift floor consideration of bills and are typically passed by unanimous consent decree) in September.”

MHI is conducting outreach to Rep. Bachus (the representative who sponsored the weather radio legislation) and his senior staff to revise the bill.  The weather radio legislation also competes with existing warning notification system (WARN Act) that is scheduled to be active in April of 2012.  The WARN Act will provide owners of hand-held wireless devices with emergency notifications.

For more information on the legislation on weather radios click here.

For more information on the committee report on the weather radio legislation click here.


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